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Can You Shower in Emirates Business Class? Find Out

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Ever wondered if you could freshen up with a shower while cruising above the clouds? If you’re flying Emirates, that luxury might be closer than you think. Known for its opulent offerings, Emirates has taken air travel to new heights, especially for those in the front of the plane.

While business class with Emirates offers a wealth of lavish amenities, it’s the first class that boasts a truly unique feature: an onboard shower. But don’t fret if you’re in business class; you’ll still indulge in a premium experience that rivals the finest. Let’s jump into what your ticket gets you and how you can elevate your journey even further.

Elevate your travel experience with an Emirates Business Class upgrade. Offering a seamless blend of luxury and comfort, Emirates Business Class provides passengers with spacious seating, gourmet dining options, and an entertainment system that rivals the best home setups. While the distinctive onboard shower is a hallmark of the first class, the business class doesn’t fall short, ensuring a premium journey with exclusive amenities. Consider booking an Emirates Business Class upgrade for a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and pampered.

Can I Shower on Emirates Business Class

When traveling in style, comfort and luxury are often top priorities. You’ve heard about Emirates’ reputation for indulging passengers with exquisite services, and you’re curious about what’s offered on their business class flights. Specifically, you might wonder if you can freshen up with a shower mid-flight while soaring above the clouds in Emirates business class.

Emirates’ business class does not offer shower facilities. This coveted amenity is a remarkable feature reserved exclusively for first-class passengers. If you’re eager to experience the novelty of an inflight shower, securing a ticket in Emirates first class is your gateway. With a limited time of just five minutes of running water, the experience is equal parts efficient and exhilarating—the true epitome of flying opulence.

Even though the lack of shower access in business class, the experience is far from ordinary. Emirates business class distinguishes itself by offering a host of other high-end amenities. You can network or simply unwind in the standup lounge bars that are accessible to both first and business class travelers. Here, you have the opportunity to savor gourmet snacks, enjoy a selection of fine beverages, and engage in conversations against the backdrop of panoramic views.

On your Emirates business class journey, every detail is crafted for your comfort and satisfaction. Spacious seating, delectable dining, and an extensive entertainment system ensure you’re treated to a premium experience from takeoff to landing. Although a shower might not be included in your business class ticket, rest assured, the luxuries that await you still set Emirates’ business class apart in the world of air travel.

Facilities and Amenities on Emirates Business Class

In-flight Shower

When you’re flying Emirates Business Class, you might wonder if you can freshen up with an in-flight shower just like the first-class passengers. While Emirates makes headlines with its in-flight showers, it’s vital to remember that this luxury is reserved solely for first-class passengers. Although you won’t have access to a shower during your flight in Business Class, you’ll still enjoy a range of premium amenities that ensure your journey is comfortable and relaxed.

Lounge Facilities

Before your flight, Emirates offers an exclusive sanctuary within its Business Class lounges. The lounge is your gateway to a tranquil travel experience. Here, you can indulge in a host of facilities, from hot and cold buffets to an extensive bar selection that includes champagne and, occasionally, à la carte meals.

The bustling business center within the lounge is equipped with PCs, and while you might not find empty workstations every time, it’s an ideal spot if you need a quick email check-in. But, you’re encouraged to bring your laptop, as workspaces can be scarce. The dim lighting creates an ambiance that steers it away from being a typical office, prompting you to relax rather than work.

A dedicated space for younger travelers enhances the family-friendly atmosphere with a children’s play area equipped with arcade games, ensuring the little ones are entertained. If you’re after a bit of personal pampering, the Timeless Spa offers a menu of services – while not complimentary for Business Class passengers like it is for First Class, it’s a worthwhile splurge for a pre-flight treatment.

For the health-conscious, the lounge’s introduced health hub promotes healthier dining choices, offering options like fresh fruit, bread rolls, and both still and sparkling water. The extensive beverage selection is available to quench your thirst with a choice of premium drinks. While the behemoth Emirates lounges cater to every need, remember that engagements vary based on location and lounge type.

And for those who smoke, designated lounge sections ensure your comfort without affecting non-smokers’ lounge experience. Whether you’re waiting for your flight or in transit, Emirates Business Class lounges are tailored to elevate your ground experience to match the excellence of your in-air journey.

How to Access the Shower on Emirates Business Class

Booking Business Class Ticket

To revel in the luxury of Emirates’ premium cabins and potentially indulge in an onboard shower, your journey begins with booking a Business Class ticket. While first class cabins feature this amenity, Emirates may occasionally extend shower privileges to business class passengers. You’ll want to book directly through the Emirates website, utilizing your points for a potential upgrade. Ensure you factor in aircraft type, as the A380 is known for the Shower Spa experience. Keep updated on possible added fees for a shower when you’re flying business class, as this could influence your booking choices.

Check-in Process

Your check-in experience sets the tone for your entire flight with Emirates. Once you arrive at the airport for your business class flight, look out for specific counters designated for premium passengers. The swift service aims to make you feel cared for without the need for you to handle your bags or boarding pass. With efficiency as the key, check-in is a breeze; it often takes less than 20 minutes, leaving you ample time to explore the lounge facilities or inquire further about shower availability on your A380 flight.

Onboard Shower Reservation

Assuming the A380 Shower Spa is accessible for your business class ticket, reserve your spot as soon as you’re onboard. Speak with the cabin crew as they welcome you – they’ll guide you through the process. There is often a scheduling system in place, due to the high demand for this exclusive facility. Early reservation ensures that you get to enjoy this unique amenity at your preferred time without hassle.

Shower Cabin Etiquette

The experience of using the onboard shower is an exercise in luxury and respect. As spots are limited, it’s important to adhere to timing restrictions—typically 30 minutes including preparation and shower time. Emirate’s impeccable attention to detail means you’ll find the cabin well-appointed with towels, toiletries, and spa products. Your role is to leave the space as you found it, ensuring a pleasant experience for passengers following you. Remember, it’s not just about freshening up—it’s about respecting the shared environment and the distinguished atmosphere Emirates aims to maintain.

Tips for Enjoying the Shower Experience on Emirates Business Class

To fully savor the shower experience aboard Emirates’ First Class, you’ll want to keep a few key tips in mind. Although the Business Class doesn’t offer the same luxury, knowing about the First Class amenities could enrich your overall journey by setting benchmarks for excellence.

Schedule Your Shower Early: As soon as you’re onboard, liaise with the cabin crew to book your shower slot. Given that they’re a premium feature, these slots fill up quickly, and planning ahead ensures you won’t miss out.

Maximize Time Efficiency: The shower time is usually limited to 25 minutes per passenger, with five minutes of running water. Use your time wisely—prep your clothes and toiletries before your time begins to make the most of every minute.

Pack Shower Essentials: Emirates provides quality amenities, but you might have personal preferences. If you cherish a particular brand of shampoo or a skin care routine, pack travel-sized versions in your carry-on.

Adhere to Etiquette: Be considerate of others. Clean up after yourself, strictly adhere to your allotted time, and leave the shower as you’d hope to find it. This courtesy goes a long way in maintaining the high standards of the experience.

Stay Refreshed Post-Shower: After your shower, continue feeling fresh by hydrating and wearing comfortable clothing. Stay relaxed and enjoy the rest of your in-flight experience, whether that’s a nap, a movie, or a meal.

Remember, while Business Class may lack the shower amenity, its other features such as the standup lounge bars and luxurious seats offer a different form of relaxation and comfort. They play a significant role in why Emirates Business Class is heralded for its superior air travel experience.


So while you won’t be able to indulge in a shower mid-flight in Emirates Business Class, you’re still in for a treat with the array of luxurious amenities available. Remember to pack your essentials and make the most of the premium experience that awaits you. With spacious seating, gourmet dining, and an entertainment system that rivals your home setup, you’ll find that the journey becomes as enjoyable as the destination. Embrace the opulence of Emirates Business Class and arrive refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth flying Emirates Business Class?

Emirates Business Class is renowned for its comfort and luxury, featuring chauffeur service, access to exclusive lounges, plush seating, and exemplary dining. Despite its higher cost and challenging upgrade process, the experience is considered worth it for those seeking a premium air travel experience.

Do you get toiletries on Emirates Business Class?

Yes, Emirates Business Class passengers receive a new amenity kit, which includes toiletries. The kit is available in two designs: a pouch for women, in silver with lilac accents, and a classic toiletry bag for men, in black and orange.

Are there showers in Emirates Business Class lounge in Dubai?

Indeed, the Emirates Business Class lounge in Dubai is equipped with showers. The lounge also offers reliable WiFi, decent coffee options, and ample space for relaxation or work.

Does Emirates Dubai Business Lounge have showers?

Yes, the Emirates Dubai Business Lounge has several shower stalls along a corridor, available without reservations. The showers feature clean facilities and are stocked with fresh towels, ideal for freshening up after a long flight.

Do you have to wear hijab in Emirates?

Women tourists are not required to wear a hijab, burqa, or traditional attire in Dubai. Visitors should dress respectfully, covering shoulders and knees, and be mindful of the local culture.

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