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Is Lounge Access Included with Emirates Business Class?

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Wondering if your Emirates Business Class ticket grants you lounge access? You’re not alone. Flying Business Class with Emirates typically means you can enjoy the perks of their luxurious lounges. But, there’s a catch. Since 2019, Emirates introduced Business Special fares, which, while wallet-friendly, do not include lounge entry.

To ensure lounge access, you’ll need a Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus Business Class ticket. These tickets not only promise a more comfortable flight but also open the doors to the exclusive Emirates Business Class Lounges. Whether you’re looking to work, relax, or dine, knowing your ticket details is key to unlocking these premium experiences.

Lounge Access in Emirates Business Class

Lounge Access for Departing Passengers

When departing on an Emirates flight, Business Class passengers typically enjoy complimentary access to Emirates lounges. The grandeur of Emirates Business Lounges, especially at Dubai International Airport, can elevate your pre-flight experience significantly. As you prepare for your journey, here’s what you need to know:

  • Eligibility: Passengers with a Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus ticket are granted access.
  • Purchase Options: If you’re an Economy Class or Business Class Special fare passenger, lounge access is available for purchase.
  • Timeframe: Access to Emirates lounges in Dubai is up to four hours before departure, while other airport lounges allow entry up to three hours prior.
  • Payment: Lounge access can be purchased directly at the lounges using a credit or debit card. Cash and Skywards Miles are not accepted forms of payment.

Emirates lounges offer an array of services including gourmet dining, shower facilities, and business centers, ensuring you’re refreshed and ready for your flight. Remember, all prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT, meaning the tax will be extra on the published cost.

Lounge Access for Connecting Passengers

For those with connecting flights via Emirates, the Business Class lounge access remains a seamless part of your transit experience. Here’s what to expect:

  • Rate Reductions: Children under 12 years old enjoy lounge access at half the adult cost, while infants under two years old accompany adults for free.
  • Guest Entry: If you’re a Gold or Platinum Emirates Skywards member, there’s provision to bring in guests – one adult or child for Gold and one adult plus two children under 17 years for Platinum.
  • Restrictions: It’s vital to note that lounge access is subject to capacity constraints. During peak travel periods, securing a spot in the lounge might be challenging.

The Emirates Business Lounges are designed to offer solitude with amenities like quiet zones and rest areas equipped with comfortable lounging options. Should your stopover require a refresh or just a moment to relax, these lounges provide an exclusive space tailored to meet the needs of a discerning traveler like you.

How to Gain Lounge Access in Emirates Business Class

Emirates offers an unmatched experience both in the air and on the ground. If you’re looking to indulge in the comfort of an Emirates Business Class lounge, there are several ways to ensure your pre-flight experience is as luxurious as your flight.

Emirates Skywards Membership

Loyalty pays off when you’re a member of Emirates Skywards, the airline’s frequent flyer program. By acquiring a certain tier status, you gain access to exclusive lounges around the globe. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Gold members enjoy complimentary entry to Emirates Lounges, and they can bring one guest, either an adult or a child.
  • Platinum members get the same privileges as Gold, with the added benefit of bringing in one adult and two children under 17 years old.
  • Silver and Blue members have the option to pay for lounge access. Table showing the eligibility of Emirates Skywards members for lounge access:
Emirates Skywards Tier Lounge Access Eligibility Complimentary Guests
Blue Paid Access None
Silver Paid Access None
Gold Complimentary Lounge Access 1 adult or child
Platinum Complimentary Lounge Access 1 adult and 2 children under 17

Make sure you’re aware of your membership privileges and plan accordingly to make the most of your business class journey.

Business Class Ticket

It’s essential to know the type of Business Class ticket you hold, as not all fares are created equal:

  • Business Class Saver, Flex, or Flex Plus fares guarantee you lounge access where you can enjoy a pre-flight meal, catch up on work, or simply relax.
  • But, if you’ve opted for the more budget-friendly Business Class Special fare, note that this does not include complimentary lounge access.

The moment you purchase your Business Class ticket, it’s worth reviewing the fine print to understand your lounge entitlements fully.

Upgrades and Bonus Miles

Upgrading your flight can be a pathway to lounge luxury. Use your accumulated Skywards Miles to jump from Economy to Business Class and revel in the exclusive lounge perks. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of an Emirates business class upgrade, including access to the premium lounges, enhancing your overall travel experience with added comfort and amenities.

  1. Seat Upgrades with Miles: If you’ve got enough Skywards Miles, you can upgrade your seat pre-flight and enjoy lounge access if it wasn’t part of your original booking.
  2. Bonus Miles Offers: Keep an eye out for promotions where Emirates offers bonus miles. These can sometimes be enough to push you into upgrade territory.

Remember, using miles for an upgrade depends on seat availability, so plan ahead to ensure you can make the most of your miles.

By combining the benefits of Emirates Skywards membership with the right Business Class ticket and strategically utilizing upgrade opportunities, you’ll enhance your travel experience before you even step on the plane. Make sure to check your eligibility for lounge access and use your Skywards Miles wisely to unlock the full scope of Emirates’ renowned hospitality.


You’ve got the inside scoop on how to unlock the luxury of Emirates Business Class lounge access. Remember, your Emirates Skywards status can be your golden ticket, with Gold and Platinum members reaping the best rewards. Don’t forget to check your Business Class fare before you fly—lounge access might already be one of your perks. And if you’re looking at an upgrade, consider using those Skywards Miles to elevate your experience. With a bit of planning, you can ensure your journey starts on a high note, savoring the comfort and exclusivity of Emirates lounges. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which credit card gives access to Emirates lounge?

The Emirates Skywards Premium World Elite Mastercard offers benefits like Emirates Gold-tier membership in the first year, which includes Emirates Business Class Lounge access and other perks.

Do all Business Class passengers get lounge access?

Not all Business Class tickets automatically include lounge access. It varies based on the airline, airport, and specifics of your ticket. It’s important to check your flight details beforehand.

Do Emirates Business Class seats go flat?

Yes, Emirates Business Class seats have the ability to lie completely flat, turning into a luxurious bed for comfort during your flight.

How long can you stay in Emirates Business Class lounge?

A single Emirates Business Class lounge entry allows up to 4 hours stay in Dubai and up to 3 hours in other airports, with the option to purchase additional hours on departure day.

How to get into business lounge for free?

You can access business lounges for free through airline rewards cards, travel rewards cards, various third-party programs like Priority Pass, day passes, guest passes, traveling in international business/first class, holding airline elite status, or being a military member.

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