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Do Emirates Business Class Seats Come with Pajamas?

Get Help For "Do Emirates Business Class Seats Come with Pajamas?"

Traveling in style and comfort is key, especially on long-haul flights. You might be wondering if Emirates Business Class steps up the game by providing pyjamas like other airlines. Well, get ready to be wrapped in luxury, because Emirates does offer an exclusive touch with their complimentary Business Class pyjamas.

Emirates understands the importance of a good night’s sleep, so along with a soft duvet and noise-canceling headphones, they ensure you’re dressed for the occasion. Your journey to dreamland is just a flight away, with all the amenities you need to feel right at home in the skies.

The Amenities Offered in Emirates Business Class

Comfort and luxury are paramount when you’re flying business class, and Emirates doesn’t hold back when it comes to the amenities. They aim to elevate your travel experience, ensuring that every aspect of your flight is as pleasant as possible, from lounges access to the onboard experience. To further enhance this exceptional experience, an Emirates Business Class Upgrade might just be the perfect touch

The Pyjama Service

Emirates takes the concept of in-flight comfort seriously, especially on long-haul flights. Recognizing the need for relaxation and a good night’s sleep, Emirates Business Class extends a unique offering of complimentary pyjamas. You won’t just be handed any ordinary sleepwear; these are moisture-locking pyjamas designed to help your skin stay hydrated throughout your journey. Size availability ranges from M to XL, catering to various body types.

Knowing these pyjamas are yours to keep after landing adds an extra layer of satisfaction to your flying experience. Due to their popularity and limited availability, it’s advisable to request your size early into the flight. For passengers with an affinity for the Emirates brand or those who love the comfort of their sleepwear, these pyjama sets are also available for purchase online.

Quality and Comfort of the Pyjamas

When slipping into Emirates’ sleepwear, you’re indulging in comfort that extends beyond the flight. Made from high-quality material, the specially crafted pyjamas are designed to lock in moisture for up to ten washes, allowing you to reuse them multiple times after your flight. The pyjamas, including features like drawstring collars and pant pockets, boast both functionality and style.

The thoughtfulness put into the design of the pyjamas reflects Emirates’ commitment to delivering an unrivaled experience. From the softness of the fabric to the subtleties of the cut, each element is considered to ensure that your rest is uninterrupted and your comfort is maximized. Whether you’re looking to doze off or simply relax with a movie, doing so in a pair of Emirates’ luxurious pyjamas can make all the difference in your travel comfort.

How to Get the Pyjamas in Emirates Business Class

Are Pyjamas Available on All Emirates Flights?

When you’re flying Business Class with Emirates, you might wonder if you can slip into something more comfortable for your long-haul flight. While Emirates does not provide pyjamas as a standard amenity in Business Class, you’re not left without options. Although the airline’s premium pyjamas are reserved for First Class passengers, you have the unique opportunity to purchase these luxury items regardless of your flying class.

To ensure you’re prepared, Emirates has made it easy to buy the pyjamas either onboard or online before your flight. These moisture-locking pyjamas are not only designed to keep you comfortable in the air but they’re also packaged for convenience, allowing easy storage in your carry-on. Remember to order in advance or inquire early in your flight, as these comfort-enhancing amenities are available for a fee of AED 200 and may be subject to availability.

In-Flight Pyjama Sizes

Comfort isn’t one-size-fits-all, and Emirates understands that. The airline offers its hydra-active sleepwear, designed with both comfort and style in mind, in multiple sizes to accommodate various body types. These sizes include:

  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
  • Extra Large (XL)

Each size variation caters to a range of heights and body builds, ensuring a snug yet cozy fit for your journey. The Emirates pyjamas also come in different colors, adding an element of personal style to your in-flight relaxation. It is advisable to request your desired size as soon as possible once onboard. These high-quality pyjamas boast a unique ability to lock in moisture for up to ten washes, allowing you to maintain that fresh feeling long after your flight. Remember, if you’re keen on flying comfortably, it’s worth your while to consider these options well before you’re cruising at high altitudes. Making the arrangements for the perfect fit will enhance your airborne experience, allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed and rejuvenated, looking as stylish as you feel.

Alternatives to Pyjamas in Emirates Business Class

Emirates Business Class offers a suite of amenities to ensure your comfort during the flight. While traditional pyjamas aren’t provided, you don’t need to worry about losing out on rest or relaxation.

Loungewear Options

Onboard comfort is paramount, and Emirates understands this. Instead of standard pyjamas, you’re offered a range of loungewear options to keep you cozy. You can purchase the high-quality hydraactive sleepwear designed by Emirates, featuring a moisture-locking material that can be washed and worn up to ten times. With drawstring collars and pant pockets, this loungewear is tailored to offer both comfort and convenience at high altitudes.

Given that they are designed to be mixed and matched with other clothing items, you also have the flexibility to create a personalized lounge outfit. It can be a combination that suits your style and ensures you stay comfortable whether you’re onboard or transiting through the airport.

Blankets and Pillows

The absence of pyjamas is compensated with Emirates’ provision of plush, soft duvets and supportive pillows for Business Class passengers. The bedding ensures you stay warm and can snuggle up for a good night’s sleep. Should the cabin temperature fluctuate, a soft duvet is your best ally against any chills, and its superior fabric makes it a luxury in the sky.

Even if you’re the type to stay awake and enjoy Emirates’ extensive in-flight entertainment, the provided pillows can help minimize any discomfort during your watch. Resting against the plush cushioning, you can immerse yourself in over 2,500 channels of movies and TV shows, free from neck strain.

Emirates ensures that its Business Class amenities cater to your in-flight comfort needs, even if that doesn’t include pyjamas. The various options offered reflect the airline’s commitment to a luxurious and restful travel experience.


Emirates Business Class ensures you’re wrapped in comfort, albeit not in traditional pyjamas. Your in-flight rest is elevated with their unique hydraactive loungewear and premium bedding. So next time you fly, look forward to a sleep experience that’s been thoughtfully curated for your well-being, making sure you arrive refreshed and ready to take on your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Emirates Business Class passengers receive pyjamas?

Emirates Business Class does not offer traditional pyjamas but provides high-quality hydraactive loungewear. This sleepwear is comfortable, made from moisture-wicking material, and can be reused for several flights.

How many times can you wear Emirates loungewear?

Emirates-exclusive hydraactive loungewear can be washed and worn up to ten times while maintaining moisture-locking properties.

Do passengers in Emirates Business Class get blankets and pillows?

Yes, Emirates Business Class passengers are furnished with plush duvets and supportive pillows to enhance their comfort during the flight.

Is there an alternative to pyjamas for comfort on Emirates flights?

Instead of pyjamas, Emirates offers a range of loungewear that includes moisture-wicking sleepwear designed for comfort and reuse.

Does Emirates commitment to passenger comfort extend to their sleepwear?

Yes, Emirates is dedicated to a luxurious travel experience, providing moisture-locking loungewear to ensure passengers have a restful sleep onboard.

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