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Emirates Airlines Lost and Found Service

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Ever been in that heart-sinking moment when you realize you’ve left something on the plane or at the airport? You’re not alone. The hassle of lost items can turn any trip sour, but Emirates Airlines’ Lost and Found service is here to ease your stress. With a streamlined process in place, retrieving your lost belongings is simpler than you might think.

In the following guide, you’ll discover how to navigate the Lost and Found services offered by Emirates. Whether you’re at the airport or already home, you’ll learn the exact steps to take to recover your items. Say goodbye to panic and hello to a hassle-free solution with Emirates Airlines. Keep reading to turn your lost-and-found woes into a thing of the past.

Does Emirates Airlines Have a Lost and Found Department?

Absolutely, Emirates Airlines boasts a robust Lost and Found department every traveler hopes to never need but appreciates when things go awry. Losing your belongings can disrupt your travel plans and leave you in a state of panic. But with Emirates Airlines, retrieving lost items is made simpler. They have a system in place dedicated to helping customers recover misplaced or forgotten items swiftly.

When you’ve realized that your belongings are not with you, your first step should be to contact an airline representative if you’re still at the airport. Emirates representatives are trained to efficiently handle such situations and will guide you through the recovery process. But, if you’ve left the airport, there’s no need to worry. You’re still covered.

You can reach out to the Lost and Found department via phone or email—a move that initiates the search for your lost items. The department uses a detailed logging system to track items reported missing. If you can accurately describe the lost item and provide pertinent details such as your flight number and seat, your chances of recovering your belongings increase significantly.

The efficiency of Emirates Airlines’ Lost and Found service is reflected in their ability to quickly resolve issues related to lost baggage and items. Fliers can rest assured knowing that there’s a dedicated team working to reunite them with their possessions. Remember, prompt reporting of your lost items is crucial for a successful recovery. Ensure you provide detailed information and description to smoothen the process.

The existence of such a supportive service showcases Emirates Airlines’ commitment to customer satisfaction. By addressing the common yet distressing issue of lost belongings with a streamlined procedure, they relieve passengers of additional travel stress. This focus on customer care is just one of the reasons why Emirates continues to be a preferred choice for travelers worldwide.

What to Do if You Have Lost an Item on an Emirates Flight?

Losing an item on a flight can be a frustrating experience, but Emirates Airlines offers structured support to assist you in recovering your belongings.

Fill in the Form

To kickstart the recovery process, immediately fill in the Lost Item Form available on Emirates’ official website. Here are the steps to help you report your lost item efficiently:

  • Visit Emirates’ official website
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage My Booking’ section
  • Select ‘Lost & Found’
  • Download and fill in the Lost Item Form with full details
  • Submit the form online

Provide as much detail as possible about your lost item: include a description, the flight number, your seat number, and the last location where you remember having it. Submitting an accurate and robust form could significantly increase the likelihood of locating your item.

Contact the Customer Service Representative

If you face uncertainties or need immediate assistance after losing an item, the most direct method is to get in touch with a customer service representative. Dial +1 800 777 3999 to speak with someone from the Emirates team. Keep in mind that wait times can vary, so consider calling at non-peak hours for more prompt service.

Visit the Emirates Office

If you’re still at the airport, don’t hesitate to visit the Emirates office. A face-to-face interaction can sometimes be the quickest way to Begin the search for your lost property. The staff at the Emirates counter will guide you through the necessary steps to file a report.

Submit Lost Baggage Report

For misplaced luggage, you’ll need to submit a lost baggage report with Emirates. Document your claim by providing detailed information about your baggage and travel details. Remember, accurate and early reporting is crucial to enhance the chances of the airline locating and returning your lost luggage.

Track Status of Your Baggage

After reporting your lost item or missing luggage, you’ll want to keep an eye on the status. Emirates facilitates tracking through reference numbers provided at the time of filing the report. Use these reference numbers to check for updates online or call customer service periodically to inquire about the latest status of your lost items.

How to Request Emirates to Find Your Lost Item?

Losing an item on your travel can be a stressful experience. Luckily, with Emirates Airlines, there’s a streamlined process to help you recover your belongings. Begin by promptly filling out the online form on the Emirates website. You’ll need to provide specific details about the lost item including its size, color, brand, and any distinctive features that could help in identification.

Once submitted, Emirates’ Lost and Found department swings into action. They review flight data to pinpoint the possible location of your item. If you’re still at the airport when you realize your item is missing, don’t hesitate to approach the Emirates staff for immediate assistance.

Should you find yourself away from the airport, reaching out to Emirates is still simple. If you’re in Dubai, make use of the dedicated Lost and Found email ( For those outside Dubai, the alternative email ( is your best bet. It’s crucial you include your flight details, seat number, and a thorough description of your lost item in your email correspondence.

For direct assistance, contact Emirates Customer Service by phone at 1 (800) 777-3999. Their representatives are trained to offer you the necessary support and Help your connection with the Lost and Found department. If you prefer a face-to-face interaction and you’re in Dubai, visiting the Emirates Lost and Found office in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport is an effective option.

Remember, the more detail you provide about your lost item, the higher the chances of a successful recovery. Always include the most distinct characteristics of your item to aid in a swift search and recovery process by the Emirates team. Rest assured, Emirates Airlines takes the responsibility of locating your lost items seriously, and you’ll be notified once they are found to arrange a pickup.

How Long Does Emirates Lost and Found Take?

When you’re dealing with the stress of lost luggage, time is of the essence. Emirates Airlines understands this and typically begins the claim process within 10 days after the lost baggage claim is filed. But, if you jump into action quickly and file your claim through Emirates’ official website, you’re giving yourself a head start. Your promptness, combined with accurate details, can accelerate the entire procedure.

Here’s a quick rundown to set proper expectations:

Step in the Process Expected Time Frame
File Lost Baggage Claim Immediately upon loss
Initial Response from Lost & Found Within a few hours
Communication for Additional Info 1-2 days after initial claim
Confirmation of Found Items 3-4 days after providing details
Delivery Arrangement Coordinated promptly after confirmation

The swift response from the Lost and Found team exemplifies Emirates’ commitment to customer service. Not only do they respond to initial claims promptly, often within mere hours, but they also solicit additional details to narrow down the search. Thorough descriptions of your lost item, including the make, model, or any distinct contents, help Emirates trace your belongings efficiently.

Emirates’ Lost and Found service doesn’t stop at simply locating your items. Once they retrieve your luggage, arrangements to reunite you with your belongings are made swiftly. In some instances, found items have been sent on the next available flight to an airport of the passenger’s choice, overseen by a flight purser to ensure it reaches you safely.

With such responsiveness, Emirates bolsters its reputation for reliability. Your misplaced belongings are more than just items; they’re your personal effects that Emirates treats with the utmost care. So, rest assured that they’re doing all they can to manage your lost and found claims with speed and precision. Keep your phone close, as a call to arrange pickup after item retrieval can come quicker than you might expect.

How Does Emirates Find Your Delayed Baggage?

When you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing delayed baggage with Emirates, understanding the meticulous process they employ to locate your possessions can provide a semblance of relief. Once you’ve reported your delayed baggage and have your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at hand, you’re in the system, and the hunt for your belongings begins in earnest.

Emirates utilizes advanced baggage tracing systems to track down your luggage using the latest technology available. They exhaust every avenue, combing through flight data and examining handling records to identify where your baggage might have gone astray. This process is both systematic and thorough, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

The moment your missing luggage is located, arrangements kick into gear. Emirates reaches out to you promptly to coordinate collection or delivery, depending on your itinerary and location. Providing up-to-date contact information is crucial, as this guarantees swift communication and a smoother resolution to your predicament.

Here’s how Emirates keeps you looped in every step of the way:

  • Regular Updates: Expect email alerts or phone calls from Emirates about the status of your lost baggage. They understand the importance of frequent communication and work hard to keep you informed.
  • Personal Contact: Should there be any progress or if additional information is necessary, Emirates connects with you directly, ensuring a personalized touch.

In scenarios where baggage remains elusive past an initial period, Emirates extends a compensatory gesture or assistance for essential items ranging from toiletries to clothing. This gesture underscores their commitment to your comfort while emphasizing their dedication to resolving your issue.

Essential facts about Emirates’ lost baggage policy:

Step Description
Immediate Reporting Visit the Emirates Lost and Found counter at the airport.
PIR Issuance Obtain a unique tracking reference number for updates.
Baggage Tracing Benefit from Emirates’ advanced tracking to locate your baggage.
Communication Stay informed through regular updates from Emirates.
Compensation Receive assistance or compensation if baggage remains unlocated.

By leveraging their robust tracking technology and providing consistent communication, Emirates does all in their power to reduce the stress of separated luggage. It’s this dedication to your satisfaction that keeps you moving forward, even when your bags are lagging behind.


Losing an item can be stressful but rest assured that Emirates Airlines has a robust system in place to help you recover your belongings. Remember to act quickly by filling out the Lost Item Form and providing detailed information to increase the likelihood of retrieval.

hether it’s in-person assistance at the airport or the advanced baggage tracing technology, Emirates is dedicated to reuniting you with your lost items. Keep track of your claim with the reference number and stay in touch with the Lost and Found department for updates. With Emirates’ commitment to customer service, you’re in capable hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly does Emirates respond to lost item reports?

Emirates initiates a response to lost item reports promptly, engaging a primary tracing process within the first seven days that involves coordination with relevant airport stations, physical checks, and liaising with Security and Lost and Found teams.

What should I do if I lose something on an Emirates flight?

If you lose something on an Emirates flight, immediately fill out the Lost Item Form on Emirates’ website. If still at the airport, seek immediate help at the Emirates office or customer service representative.

How can I track my lost luggage with Emirates?

To track lost luggage, submit a lost baggage report to Emirates and use the provided reference number to check the status of your baggage online or through Emirates customer service.

Is there a way to directly contact Emirates’ Lost and Found department?

Yes, for lost items, you can directly email or call Emirates’ Lost and Found department. For immediate assistance, visiting the Lost and Found office in Dubai, if possible, is recommended.

What does Emirates do if they can’t find my lost baggage?

If Emirates cannot locate lost baggage, they will keep you informed with regular updates and may offer compensation or assistance for essential items to mitigate the inconvenience.

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