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Emirates Airlines Pet Policy

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Traveling with your furry companion on Emirates Airlines? You’re in luck, as they’re known for being exceptionally pet-friendly. Understanding the Emirates Airlines pet policy is crucial to ensure a smooth journey for both you and your pet.

Whether your pet travels alongside you or as unaccompanied cargo, there are specific guidelines you’ll need to follow. From selecting an IATA-accredited pet crate to meeting the destination country’s import requirements, we’ll jump into what you need to know before you embark on your trip. Keep reading to make your pet’s travel experience as comfortable as your own with Emirates.

Emirates Airline Pet Policy

Traveling with Pets on Emirates

When planning to travel with your furry companion on Emirates Airlines, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with their specific pet policy. This airline’s policy caters to a broad range of routes and almost invariably allows pets on board. Nonetheless, you’ll need to ensure everything is in line with their regulations.

First and foremost, select an IATA-accredited fiber pet crate that complies with size limitations; the crate cannot surpass 118 inches or 300 cm. If your journey exceeds 17 hours, your pet must ship as unaccompanied cargo, utilizing Emirates’ specialized facilities to uphold safety standards. Remarkably, no restrictions are placed on the quantity of accompanying pets, yet it’s mandatory for your move to meet the destination country’s import requisites.

Emirates SkyCargo takes great strides in offering the pinnacle of care for pets. They provide:

  • Specialized facilities in Dubai
  • A team dedicated to pet welfare

For independent travel, your pet still requires an approved travel crate, with options for purchase from Emirates in Dubai and other select locations. Before traveling, reaching out to your local office to book your pet with Emirates SkyCargo and confirming compliance with import regulations is vital, allowing at least 4 business days for processing.

Which Pet Breeds are Not Allowed on Emirates Flights?

Keeping safety in view, Emirates Airlines has set forth strict guidelines About the breeds of pets allowed on flights. Unfortunately, certain breeds and mixed or hybrid dogs linked to these breeds are prohibited due to Government regulations and airline policy. The UAE specifically bans breed such as:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Mastiff Dogs
  • Tosa
  • Rottweiler breeds or hybrid
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Canario Presa
  • Boxer
  • Karabash
  • Caucasian Ovcharka

But, there might be exceptions if these dogs are not imported into the UAE and are allowed by the destination country.

Pet Travel Requirements on Emirates

The rules governing pet travel are quite stringent when it comes to snub-nosed dogs and cats due to their breathing issues. As a consequence, Emirates disallows the following breeds from boarding unless they’re on direct flights to Dubai:

Dogs Cats
Affenpinscher British Shorthair
American Cocker Spaniel Burmese
Boston Terrier Exotic Shorthair
Boxer Exotic Fold
Brussels Griffon Himalayan
Bulldogs (all types) Persian
Bullmastiff Scottish Fold
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Selkirk Rex
Chihuahua (apple headed)
Chow Chow
Dogo Argentino
Dogue de Bordeaux

Before scheduling your flight, ensure you’ve checked off all requisite steps, such as securing the right travel crate and familiarizing yourself with these detailed breed restrictions. Your awareness of the Emirates Airlines pet policy positions you for a smooth journey, whether your pet travels alongside you or through the expert care of Emirates SkyCargo.

Tips for Flying with Pets on Emirates

When planning to fly with your pet on Emirates, there are several tips that can simplify the process. It’s essential to understand the booking steps and prepare your pet adequately for travel. Don’t forget to pack all the necessary items for your pet’s comfort and safety throughout the flight.

Booking a Pet Reservation on Emirates

Firstly, book your pet’s flight before your own; it’s not only more cost-effective but also easier to adjust their reservation if needed. You should reach out to Emirates’ customer service via their website, email, or phone at the earliest opportunity to ensure availability. Collaborate with Emirates representatives to find the most suitable flight for your pet, considering both comfort and safety.

Make sure you’ve gathered all required documentation for your pet’s journey, such as health certificates and entry permits for your destination. Keep in mind Emirates’ policy requires pets to be transported in an IATA-compliant pet carrier. Be vigilant with the carrier’s specifications; it must adhere to size, ventilation, and security regulations.

When your booking day arrives, plan to arrive at the airport minimum 3 hours before departure to accommodate last-minute checks and paperwork. Keep tabs on any specific fees that Emirates might charge for pet transportation as these can influence your budget planning significantly.

Preparing Your Pet for Travel on Emirates

Before departure, it’s crucial that you get your pet accustomed to its carrier to minimize stress during the flight. Familiarize your pet with the crate by allowing periods of time spent inside at home, gradually increasing the duration. Ensure all necessary vaccinations are up-to-date and acclimate your pet to any new regulations that might impact their comfort during the trip.

Remember, your pet will sense your anxiety, so maintain a calm and positive demeanor. This helps reassure your pet, contributing to a smoother traveling experience. It’s also recommended to exercise your pet before heading to the airport to help them relax during the flight.

What to Pack for Your Pet on Emirates

Packing for your pet is just as important as packing your own luggage. You’ll need to include:

  • A leakproof water container attached within the carrier
  • A comfortable and sturdy leash for transferring your pet to and from their carrier
  • Snacks and treats they are accustomed to, to reassure them during transit
  • Adequate pet-friendly hygiene items, such as waste bags, for easy clean-up – Any medications your pet requires, clearly labeled with instructions Pack items that are familiar and comforting to your pet, like a favorite toy or blanket—anything that holds the scent of home. Don’t forget to attach the necessary identification tags to your pet’s collar, plus to those on the carrier. It’s all about ensuring maximum comfort and the feeling of security for your furry companion throughout the flight.

With proper preparation and awareness of Emirates’ policies, you’ll be well-equipped to ensure a smooth and pleasant journey for both you and your pet.

Pet Amenities on Emirates

In-Cabin Pet Amenity Kit on Emirates

When you choose to fly with your pet on Emirates, the in-cabin experience is designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. Understanding that flying can be a stressful time for pets, Emirates offers an amenity kit for pets that are allowed in the cabin with you. This kit includes essentials that cater to your pet’s needs, such as absorbent pads, hygiene items, and bowls for food and water. It’s all about ensuring that your furry friend remains as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of the flight.

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier on Emirates

For those pets joining you in the cabin, Emirates recommends the Sleepypod Air in-cabin pet carrier. This carrier is known for its sturdy construction, safety, and comfort features. The Sleepypod Air conforms to Emirates’ sizing requirements for in-cabin carriers, ensuring it fits snugly under the seat. Your pet will appreciate the adjustable space that allows them to stretch a little while still being secure. also, the breathable mesh walls promote air circulation, helping your pet to stay cool and calm.

Pet Relief Areas on Emirates Flights

Pets that travel in the cargo hold are also accommodated with utmost attention to their needs. While in-cabin pets have restrictions, Emirates ensures that all pets on transit through Dubai International Airport have access to pet relief areas. These areas are designed to allow pets to take care of bodily needs in a clean and safe environment. Importantly, the pet relief stations are an integral component of the pet-friendly facilities ensuring that your pet’s journey is not just safe but also as stress-free as possible.

Pet Health and Safety on Emirates

When you’re planning to fly with your beloved pet on Emirates, you’ll want to be well-informed about the health and safety policies the airline has in place. These policies are meticulously designed to ensure your pet has a safe and comfortable journey. Let’s investigate into the specifics of temperature restrictions, handling guidelines, and health documentation required by Emirates.

Temperature Restrictions for Pet Travel on Emirates

You need to be aware of the temperature restrictions that may impact your pet’s travel plans with Emirates. The airline takes the well-being of your furry companion seriously, especially when it comes to harsh weather conditions. During the sweltering summer months, Emirates may impose restrictions to prevent your pet from being exposed to extreme heat. These measures are crucial to avoid any risk to your pet’s health.

If your pet’s itinerary involves travel to or from destinations with high temperatures, keep in mind that restricting travel during these times is a safety precaution. If you’re concerned about how the weather may affect your pet’s journey, it’s advisable to reach out to Emirates well in advance to stay updated with the latest travel advisories and arrangements.

Pet Handling Guidelines on Emirates

Ensuring that your pet is handled properly throughout their journey is another significant aspect of Emirates’ pet policy. To start with, Emirates requires pre-approval for pet travel. This means you’ll need to coordinate with the airline ahead of your departure, making sure you adhere to their handling guidelines.

Your pet must travel in an airline-approved carrier that satisfies Emirates’ criteria for size, ventilation, and security. It’s your responsibility to ensure your pet’s container provides adequate air circulation, particularly if you’re flying during warmer periods. When arriving at the airport, allow yourself a minimum of three hours before your departure to check in and complete all the necessary formalities.

Pet Health and Veterinary Documentation on Emirates

A crucial step in preparing for your trip with your pet includes gathering the necessary health and veterinary documentation. Emirates Airlines mandates that all pets have a valid health certificate issued within 10 days of travel. This certificate should confirm that your pet is fit for air travel, free from contagious diseases, and has received vaccinations conforming to the destination’s specific requirements.

Be sure to account for any additional vaccinations or quarantine periods required by the country you’re traveling to. Verification of compliance with these requirements is essential for the approval of your pet’s journey, ensuring there are no surprises or delays. Always communicate any special needs your pet might have, like medication or special dietary requirements, to the pet travel team during the booking process to guarantee a safe and stress-free experience for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emirates Pet Policy

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed on Emirates?

When planning your trip on Emirates, it’s important to note that emotional support animals are not permitted in the cabin. Your companions will need to be transported as cargo, ensuring they’re well taken care of during the flight even though they’ll be away from you. Emirates provides specialized services in the cargo hold which is temperature-controlled and pressurized, offering a safe environment for your emotional support animal’s journey. For the smoothest experience possible, be sure to contact the airline 48 hours in advance to confirm arrangements for your pet’s travel.

Can I Travel Internationally with My Pet on Emirates?

Traveling internationally with your pet on Emirates requires careful planning. While there’s no limit on the number of pets that can accompany you globally, be mindful that it’s subject to the entry regulations of your destination. All pets must meet the destination country’s rules, travel via the cargo service, and have the necessary health certifications. also, certain breeds and species are subject to additional restrictions and may not be permitted entry to some countries. Always check with the nearest Emirates office for any specific restrictions related to your pet and the country you’re visiting to avoid any complications upon arrival.

What is the Pet Crate Requirement for Travel on Emirates?

Ensuring your pet travels safely and comfortably is a priority for both you and Emirates. For pets traveling as cargo, using an IATA-compliant pet crate is a must. The crate must be:

  • Large enough for your pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Strong and free from any interior protrusions, with handles on the outside.
  • Securely closed but not locked to allow for inspections if required.
  • Well-ventilated on at least three sides.

For pets that are specific breeds or have special requirements, carefully checking the guidelines and making necessary accommodations in the crate design is vital. The pet crate must also contain absorbent materials and offer access to water. To avoid any travel day hiccups, familiarize your pet with the crate well in advance, ensuring they are comfortable and stress-free during their flight.


Traveling with your furry friends on Emirates Airlines can be a smooth and comfortable experience with the right preparation. Remember to familiarize yourself with the airline’s pet policy specifics and ensure all documentation and pet carriers meet the requirements.

By planning ahead and packing the essentials, you’ll help your pet have a stress-free journey. With Emirates’ thoughtful amenities and services, you and your pet are set for a pleasant flight. So go ahead and book your trip with confidence, knowing you’re both well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

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