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Emirates Premium Economy: Routes, Booking, Price & More

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Looking to elevate your travel experience? Emirates Premium Economy might just be the game-changer you’re searching for. With a generous 40 inches of legroom and a comfy 19.5-inch seat width, you’re in for a treat compared to the standard economy’s 32 to 34 inches of legroom and narrower seats.

Imagine gliding to your destination with the luxury of extra space and upgraded amenities. Whether you’re jetting off from Dubai to New York or San Francisco, Emirates’ A380 aircraft offers a premium economy that’s hard to resist. Stay tuned as we explore what makes this cabin class a traveler’s delight and how it’s expanding its reach.

What Is Emirates Premium Economy?

Comfort and Benefits

When you fly Emirates Premium Economy, it’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about the enhanced comfort and the array of benefits that come with it. You’re treated to 40 inches of legroom pitch, a significant jump from the standard economy’s 32 to 34 inches. Your seat is 19.5 inches wide—a full 2 inches more than economy—ensuring you have ample personal space. Unlike the usual 3-4-3 or 3-3-3 layout in economy, premium economy boasts a 2-4-2 seat layout, offering easier access and a more intimate cabin feel.

Perks extend beyond the seat dimensions, encompassing plush, fully-adjustable headrests, where you can tailor the side wings for a snug nap or an upright read. Lounge in luxury with sustainable blankets and full-size pillows, both mindfully created from recycled materials.

Your journey begins with an air of exclusivity, beginning with advantages like priority check-in and boarding, a breeze through the airport leading you swiftly to your reclining leather seat at the front of the lower deck on the A380.

Feature Emirates Premium Economy Emirates Economy
Seat Width 19.5 inches 17.5 inches
Legroom Pitch 40 inches 32 to 34 inches
Seat Layout 2-4-2 3-4-3 / 3-3-3
Amenities Sustainable Blankets & Amenities Kit Standard

Imagine the convenience of charging ports directly at your seat, ensuring you arrive with all devices fully powered. Not to mention, there’s the peace of mind that comes with complimentary amenity kits—equipped with essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, eyeshades, and a bookmark—a small token underscoring Emirates’ attention to detail.

In-Flight Experience

Your in-flight experience in Emirates Premium Economy is not just about the added comfort, but also the gastronomic delights and entertainment options at your fingertips. As you settle into your journey, you’re greeted with a refreshing drink in elegant glassware, setting the stage for the culinary adventure ahead. Meals are inspired by the Business Class menu, featuring generous dishes made with seasonal ingredients and a tint of local flavor.

The airline’s dedication to delivering a memorable dining experience is reflected in every aspect, from regional dish selections to accessing the business-class wine list—luxuries not available in the standard economy. Your in-flight menu satisfies both taste buds and cultural curiosity, guaranteeing a meal that’s more than just sustenance.

Let’s talk entertainment—Emirates is renowned for its “ICE” system, which delivers a plethora of options on a 13.3-inch high-definition screen, the same generous size offered in economy. With an unbeatable selection of movies and TV shows, so vast that it’s daunting to choose, you’re guaranteed to find something to enjoy. The premium economy continues to stand out with its impressive array of content and the exceptional quality of its screens.

Comfort doesn’t end with the seating arrangement. The design of the seats allows for a recline that, combined with the comfort accessories, provides a restful experience, even on longer flights. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these seats offer a pocket of serenity in the skies—leaving you refreshed for your destination.

Aspect Experience in Emirates Premium Economy
Culinary Offerings Business-inspired meal & wine selection

How Does Emirates Premium Economy Compare to Other Airlines?

Seat Features and Space

When you’re looking to upgrade your flight experience without the exorbitant cost of first class, Emirates Premium Economy presents a competitive option. Here’s what sets it apart: where standard economy seats feel cramped, Emirates offers a generous 40 inches of pitch and a seat width of 19.5 inches.

Compare this to other carriers, where average premium economy pitch ranges from 38 to 40 inches and seat width hovers around 18 to 19.5 inches.

  • Emirates Premium Economy: – Seat width: 19.5 inches – Pitch: 40 inches
  • Average Premium Economy: – Seat width: 18-19.5 inches – Pitch: 38-40 inches

Emirates further impresses with an eight-inch recline and adjustable calf rests, ensuring that comfort isn’t limited to just horizontal space. The design, featuring wood-grain tables and stylish leather seats, echoes the airline’s business class — a nod to luxury without the hefty price tag.

Entertainment and Amenities

If entertainment is a priority for you, Emirates stands out with its “ICE” system. Though sharing the 13.3-inch high-definition touchscreen size with economy, it’s important to note that Emirates is known for some of the largest screens in economy class globally. Where competing airlines offer hundreds of entertainment options, Emirates impresses with an overwhelming 4,500 channels.

also, premium economy travelers expect comfort during their flight, and Emirates delivers with sustainable blankets, full-size pillows and a complimentary amenity kit.

Here’s how the in-flight entertainment and amenities stack up:

  • Emirates Premium Economy: – Channels: Over 4,500 – Screen size: 13.3 inches
  • Average Premium Economy: – Channels: Several hundred – Screen size: Typically smaller than 13 inches

Other airlines may offer a similar range of entertainment options, but Emirates’ dedication to quality service through its “ICE” system ensures your journey is anything but dull.

Onboard Services

Onboard services can make or break your flight experience, and Emirates’ premium economy assures a more personalized service. With three dedicated flight attendants, the difference is palpable. As opposed to the general approach of other carriers, you’ll start with a welcome drink and continue to enjoy an elevated dining experience, served on real china and glassware.

Expect a gourmet menu updated monthly, not a standard feature in several other premium economies. While dining, sip on complimentary wines and spirits, like the Chandon Vintage Brut 2016, an exclusive offering highlighting Emirates’ attention to detail.

  • Emirates Premium Economy: – Service: Dedicated attendants – Wines and spirits: Included with gourmet dining
  • Average Premium Economy: – Service: Standard – Wines and spirits: Oftentimes an additional cost

Emirates’ commitment to a refined and luxurious travel experience resonates through its premium economy service, distinguishing it from the get-go. Whether it’s extra legroom or gourmet meals complemented by fine wine, you’ll find your journey elevated beyond the conventional premium economy offering.

How to Book Emirates Premium Economy

Fare Options

When planning your trip in Emirates Premium Economy, you’ll encounter a variety of fare options, each offering distinct advantages tailored to your travel needs. Ticket prices fluctuate based on a series of factors including time of booking, destination, and seat availability. To ensure the best experience, you can select seats on Emirates Flight according to your preference, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your journey. Starting your search early can often lead to more favorable pricing. For instance, round-trip premium economy flights from London to Dubai might start around $1,650 if booked well in advance. These fares offer a significant cost-saving opportunity over higher travel classes; for comparison, a first-class ticket could cost up to $21,574 on the same route.

Upgrading to Premium Economy

Already have an economy ticket but seeking a more luxurious experience? Upgrading to Premium Economy might be the way to go. Depending on your ticket type and availability, you could enhance your journey for your next Emirates flight. Begin by entering your booking details here to check for upgrade options. Also, if you’ve collected Skywards Miles, consider using them to upgrade. You might just discover that using points to elevate your in-flight experience is a more valuable use of your miles than saving cash.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Finding the best deals on Emirates Premium Economy requires a bit of savvy. Keep these pointers in mind to snag the optimum fare:

  • Book Early: As a general rule, the sooner you book, the more likely you are to find a lower-priced premium economy ticket.
  • Use Miles: Should you have a stash of Emirates Skywards Miles, use these to book Classic Rewards for better value on your trip.
  • Monitor Deals: Emirates occasionally offers special promotions. Stay abreast of these deals by signing up for the airline’s newsletter or alerts.
  • Compare Prices: Before you commit, compare the costs with one-stop business-class fares on other carriers. Sometimes, you’ll find competitive pricing that could offer more bang for your buck.

Emirates Premium Economy is becoming more accessible as it expands to routes like Sao Paulo and Tokyo Narita, offering travelers the opportunity to experience luxury at a more affordable price than business or first class. Whether you choose to purchase outright or use miles, insights like these could make your next journey both comfortable and cost-effective. With specialized in-flight dining, extra amenities, and enhanced services, booking into premium economy might just redefine the way you travel.

What to Expect When Flying Emirates Premium Economy

Pre-Flight Experience

Your journey in Emirates Premium Economy begins before setting foot on the airplane. As you approach the check-in area, look for purple pillars that mark the premium economy section—this distinct marker sets the precursory stage for your enhanced flying experience. As you check in, you’ll likely notice the process shares similarities to that of standard economy travelers, maintaining efficiency and friendly service. Security checks are typically swift, ensuring you’ll have more time to relax before your flight.

Once at the gate, don’t be surprised if priority boarding lanes become your new normal, letting you board with the calm assurance afforded to first-class passengers. While the automated boarding process might occasionally hiccup, gate staff are there to assist, ensuring a smooth transition from gate to your seat in the cabin.

Onboard Service and Meals

Your seat in Emirates Premium Economy offers more than just additional space—it’s an invitation to personalized care and culinary delight. A trio of dedicated flight attendants are at your service, ready to welcome you with onboard drinks. Choose from refreshing options like fruit juices or water, with the expectation that future flights may include sparkling wine as an option.

Dining onboard mirrors the quality of Business Class with a monthly-rotated gourmet menu that highlights seasonal ingredients and regional flavors. Meals are paired with complimentary wines and spirits, and you’ll dine with china and glassware lending to the upscale experience. Be sure to check the Emirates app for menu specifics or discover the selection on your seatback screen, all without needing to purchase Wi-Fi.

A testament to the attention to detail, meal trays are meticulously inspected and prepared before being delivered, ensuring that each culinary presentation is a feast for the eyes as well.

Arrival and Disembarkation

As you reach your destination, the service doesn’t end. The premium economy area is designed to comfortably accommodate passengers even if the flight is at full capacity. Your disembarkation will be as orderly as your boarding, with the cabin crew assisting you in a manner befitting the premium economy standard. This translates to a systematic exit by zones, minimizing the rush and allowing you to conclude your Emirates experience on a composed note. Reach your final destination with the impression of a journey well catered to your comfort and convenience.


Embracing the Emirates Premium Economy experience elevates your air travel with enhanced comfort and exclusive services. You’ll relish the spacious seating and top-notch entertainment options that transform your journey into a delightful escape. Booking smartly ensures you snag the best value, making your trip not just luxurious but also cost-effective. From priority boarding to a seamless disembarkation, every aspect of your flight is meticulously crafted for your satisfaction. Savor the exquisite cuisine and fine wines that come standard with your ticket, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and pampered. With Emirates Premium Economy, you’re not just booking a seat; you’re securing a memorable travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Emirates economy and Premium Economy?

Premium Economy on Emirates provides significantly more space than standard Economy, with seats offering 40 inches of legroom and 19.5-inch width, compared to 32-34 inches of legroom and 17.5-inch width in Economy.

Is Premium Economy on Emirates worth it?

Yes, Emirates Premium Economy is considered worth it for passengers seeking additional comfort. Benefits include wider seats, more legroom, priority boarding, gourmet meals, increased baggage allowance, and an overall superior travel experience.

Do all Emirates A380s have Premium Economy?

Not currently, but Emirates plans to retrofit Premium Economy on 65 of its 116 A380s by 2025. The upgrade will extend to the Boeing 777 fleet as well.

Can you sleep in premium economy?

Yes, the extra legroom and greater recline in Premium Economy seats, along with the adjustable headrest, blankets, and pillows, allow passengers to rest more comfortably than in standard Economy, although the seats do not lie flat.

Which seat is best in Emirates Premium Economy?

The optimal seats in Emirates Premium Economy are 35D and 35G, offering ample legroom without a window view. Rows 33, 34, and 35 are quieter, being situated in front of the aircraft.

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