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Does Emirates have Whatsapp Number to call?

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Navigating customer service can be a hassle, especially when you’re on the go. But what if you could tackle your banking or flight inquiries through a quick message on WhatsApp? That’s right, Emirates NBD offers Chat Banking via WhatsApp, a secure and round-the-clock service that’s changing the game.

Say goodbye to waiting on hold and hello to instant assistance. From conducting transactions to getting updates on flight disruptions, Emirates ensures your needs are met with just a tap on your screen. Stay tuned as we jump into how you can leverage Emirates’ WhatsApp number to streamline your banking and travel experience.

Does Emirates Airline Have a WhatsApp Number?

When dealing with flight-related concerns, it’s common to feel the urgency for immediate assistance. Emirates NBD’s Chat Banking service has ushered in a convenient way for customers to handle banking needs through WhatsApp. But, if you’re looking to resolve an airline-specific query using WhatsApp, the situation is a bit different.

Emirates Airline provides several avenues for customer support but does not extend this via a WhatsApp number. For real-time assistance, you’ll find that picking up the phone is the most direct route. You can reach the assistance team for any query from baggage inquiries to flight disruption updates by dialing their customer service numbers, +18007773999 for local concerns and +97 155 567 8155 for overseas assistance.

For those times when an immediate call isn’t necessary or practical, you can use their online resources to address things like baggage, disruption updates, and complaints & feedback. Although you won’t be communicating through WhatsApp, these tools are designed to provide comprehensive help at your own pace.

Remember, for any Dubai-based issues, you might want to try +97 180 0155, while for other banking questions, Emirates NBD’s WhatsApp banking might just be what you need.

Can I Call an Emirates Representative on WhatsApp?

You might be wondering if you can directly call an Emirates representative on WhatsApp for any immediate flight-related inquiries. The short answer is no. Emirates does not offer customer support over WhatsApp. If you need to speak with a customer service agent for assistance, you’re advised to use their dedicated phone lines.

Emirates NBD’s Chat Banking via WhatsApp may offer you the convenience you need for banking queries, but when it comes to airline concerns, you’ll have to proceed differently. Although WhatsApp offers instant access to many services, Emirates prioritizes other forms of communication to cater to customer issues. You’ve got a couple of alternatives that can still lead to swift help:

  • Call Emirates Customer Service: Their average call duration is 7 minutes and 1 second, with a total call count standing at 4,800, suggesting that their phone support is both active and utilized.
  • Email for Specific Inquiries: If you’re looking for a paper trail, emailing can be a suitable option.

Remember, while you can’t call, live support through a phone can tackle issues ranging from special meal requests to lost items on a flight. Whether it’s a 17% issue resolution rate you’re after or the need to relay complaints & feedback, the telephone remains a persistent and reliable form of communication for your travel needs with Emirates.

How Can I Use WhatsApp with Emirates?

If you’re looking to integrate WhatsApp into your communication with Emirates, it’s important to know that Emirates Airline does not provide customer support for flight-related inquiries through WhatsApp. Unlike Emirates NBD’s Chat Banking system, which operates round-the-clock for banking needs, Emirates Airline maintains separate channels for customer service.

To seek assistance or address your travel concerns, you’ll have to reach out through their dedicated phone lines or via email at It’s clear that Emirates values direct voice communication and personalized email interactions to ensure quality service and issue resolution.

While you may be accustomed to the convenience of chatting via WhatsApp for various services, with Emirates, you’ll need to take a more traditional approach. But, rest assured that your queries will be handled by a live agent; the average call duration with Emirates is reported to be around 7 minutes, indicating a timely response to customer calls.

When contacting them, be ready with your booking details and any relevant information to expedite the process. Whether it’s ordering a special meal or inquiring about excess baggage charges, Emirates’ customer service representatives are trained to offer quick and effective solutions.

How to Make an Emirates WhatsApp Call?

When you’re looking to get in touch with Emirates via WhatsApp, you’ll find that the airline doesn’t offer this service for flight-related queries. Emirates NBD does provide Chat Banking through WhatsApp, a valuable option for your banking needs available 24/7. But, if it’s airline assistance you’re after, there are alternative avenues worth exploring.

For immediate support, you can reach out directly to Emirates’ customer service through their dedicated phone numbers. Whether you’re within the UAE or contacting from overseas, the relevant numbers to dial are:

  • +97 180 0155 in the UAE
  • +97 155 567 8155 for overseas

These lines can assist you with a range of inquiries, including baggage claims, flight disruptions, or even feedback. Their trained representatives are on hand to provide solutions and detailed information for your travel concerns. Keep in mind that having your booking details readily available can greatly expedite the process.

If the phone isn’t your preferred choice or you require documentation of your communication, consider utilizing the email provided for customer affairs: It’s important to take note of the average call duration and issues resolved rate so you can set your expectations accordingly when seeking help:

Metric Data
Total Calls 4.8K
Average Call Duration 07:01
Issues Resolved 17%

Managing your expectations on response times and issue resolution can aid in a smoother interaction with Emirates customer support.

What Is the Emirates’ Average Response Time on WhatsApp?

When reaching out to Emirates via WhatsApp for customer support, you’ll notice a key point: Emirates Airline does not offer customer support through WhatsApp. While Emirates NBD has a Chat Banking service for convenient banking inquiries, this option isn’t available for Emirates airline-related queries. If you’re familiar with Emirates NBD’s efficient chat service, it’s important not to confuse the two distinct services.

Should you opt for traditional support channels like email or phone, you can manage your expectations based on some known metrics. For instance, email responses from Emirates can vary in timing, with being their dedicated address. The average call duration with Emirates customer service hovers around 07:01 minutes, indicating a brief yet ample time to address concerns.

With 4.8K total calls to customer affairs and a 17% issues resolved rate, it’s apparent that phone support is where you might find more immediate assistance. Remember: preparing all necessary booking details beforehand can contribute to a quicker and more efficient resolution of your service needs.


Remember that while you can’t reach out to Emirates via WhatsApp for your travel inquiries, you’ve got other reliable options at your fingertips. Picking up the phone or sending a quick email will connect you with a customer service team ready to tackle your issues effectively. Always have your booking details on hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

Though response times may vary, rest assured that Emirates’ commitment to customer service means you’re likely to have your concerns addressed in just over seven minutes. For immediate assistance, phone support is your go-to, boasting a noteworthy issue resolution rate. So go ahead, reach out to Emirates when you need help; they’re just a call or an email away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emirates offer WhatsApp support for flight-related inquiries?

No, Emirates Airline does not provide customer support over WhatsApp. For flight-related inquiries, customers are advised to use the airline’s phone lines or email.

How can I contact Emirates customer service?

You can contact Emirates customer service through their dedicated phone numbers or by sending an email to their customer affairs department for any assistance you may need.

What should I have ready when contacting Emirates support?

When reaching out to Emirates support, have your booking details and any relevant information on hand to help expedite the resolution process.

What is the average response time for Emirates’ phone support?

The average call duration with Emirates customer service is about 7 minutes, which is typically sufficient for addressing most concerns.

What is the success rate of resolving issues with Emirates by phone?

When contacting Emirates by phone, customers experience a 17% issue resolution rate, indicating that phone support may offer more immediate assistance compared to other methods.

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