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How Does Unaccompanied Minor work with Emirates?

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Preparing your child for their first solo flight can be a mix of excitement and anxiety. With Emirates Airlines, you’re choosing a carrier known for its exceptional care, especially for unaccompanied minors. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to ensure your child’s journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

From booking the flight to packing the essentials, we’ve got tips and tricks to make the experience stress-free for both you and your child. Whether it’s understanding the airline’s policies or knowing what to expect at the airport, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for the big day. Let’s get started on this exciting journey with Emirates Airlines.

Booking the Flight

When you’re ready to book your child’s solo adventure with Emirates Airlines, understanding the booking process is crucial. Emirates offers a dedicated service for unaccompanied minors, ensuring your child’s safety and comfort from the moment you book until they arrive at their destination.

First and foremost, age restrictions apply. Emirates allows children aged between 5 and 11 to fly alone under their Unaccompanied Minors service. But, if your child is between 12 and 15 years old, this service is optional but highly recommended. Always verify the latest policies on Emirates’ official website to stay updated.

To book the flight, you’ll need to contact Emirates directly. Online booking is not available for unaccompanied minor travel, as the airline prefers to ensure all details are thoroughly discussed and understood. When you call, be ready to provide:

  • Your child’s full name and age
  • Your contact information
  • The details of the person picking up your child at the destination

Choosing the right flight is more critical than you might think. Opt for direct flights whenever possible to avoid layovers and the extra stress they can bring. If a layover is unavoidable, ensure it’s at an airport familiar with handling unaccompanied minors and that the layover duration is manageable.

Consider booking well in advance to secure the best seats and prices. Emirates offers a pre-selection of seats for unaccompanied minors to ensure they are always attended to. Also, inform the airline about any special requirements your child might have, such as dietary restrictions or medical needs, to ensure they’re taken care of during the flight.

Remember, the goal is to make the flight as comfortable and stress-free for your child as possible. By taking the time to understand Emirates’ booking process and policies, you’re setting the stage for a smooth and enjoyable journey for your young traveler.

Understanding Emirates Airlines Policies for Unaccompanied Minors

When preparing for your child’s solo flight with Emirates Airlines, knowing the airline’s policies for unaccompanied minors is crucial. These guidelines are designed to ensure your child’s journey is as safe and stress-free as possible.

First off, Emirates Airlines has specific age restrictions for unaccompanied minors. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 years can fly alone using the Unaccompanied Minors service. But, if your child is aged 12 to 15 years, the service is optional but recommended. For children under 5, they must be accompanied by someone at least 16 years old.

A key policy to remember is that online booking isn’t available for unaccompanied minor travel. You’ll need to contact Emirates directly by phone or in person to book a ticket for your child. This is to ensure that all necessary arrangements and checks can be made well in advance.

When booking, you should opt for direct flights wherever possible. This minimizes the chance of transfers and the stress associated with them. Also, booking early is highly advised to ensure you get the best seats and prices. During the booking process, you’ll need to provide detailed information about who will be dropping off and picking up your child at each airport. Emirates takes this very seriously to safeguard your child’s well-being.

You must also inform Emirates of any special requirements your child may have, such as dietary restrictions, medical needs, or accessibility services. This ensures that your child’s flight is as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Packing the Essentials

When preparing your child for their solo journey with Emirates Airlines, packing is more than just throwing clothes into a suitcase. It demands careful consideration, ensuring your child has everything they need for a safe and comfortable flight. Remember, practicality is key; your child should be able to manage their luggage easily.

Begin with the basics: clothes, toiletries, and comfortable footwear. Depending on the flight duration and destination, pack suitable outfits considering the weather at their destination. Layering is an excellent strategy for adapting to varying temperatures, especially on long flights.

Carry-On Must-Haves

For the carry-on, think about what your child will need at their fingertips:

  • Travel documents: Passport, ticket, and a copy of the travel itinerary.
  • Snacks and a refillable water bottle: Though meals and drinks are provided, these ensure your child won’t go hungry or thirsty.
  • Entertainment: Books, tablets, or a music player can be lifesavers during long flights.
  • A small comfort item: A teddy bear or a blanket that can ease the stress of flying alone.

Emirates Airlines permits a specific allowance for carry-on and checked baggage for unaccompanied minors, aligning with the ticket fare type. Ensure the luggage complies with the airline’s size and weight restrictions to avoid last-minute stress.

Health and Safety Items

In the current times, packing health and safety essentials is non-negotiable. Include:

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes: To keep germs at bay.
  • Extra masks: If applicable, depending on airline policies and destination requirements.
  • A small first-aid kit: Band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and any prescription medications (with a doctor’s note).

By packing efficiently, you’re not just preparing your child for the flight but also instilling confidence in them to travel independently. Teaching them to pack and manage their belongings is a valuable life skill, especially for young adventurers embarking on solo journeys with Emirates Airlines.

Preparing Your Child Mentally for the Journey

Preparing your child mentally for flying alone is as crucial as packing their suitcase. Start by discussing the trip with your child well in advance. Explain the process of flying, from checking in, going through security, to boarding the plane. Emirates Airlines provides a supportive environment for unaccompanied minors, but knowing what to expect will boost your child’s confidence.

Create a simple itinerary that your child can keep with them. Include flight numbers, departure, and arrival times, and who will be meeting them at their destination. This plan will help them feel more in control and secure about their journey.

Role-playing can be an effective way to prepare your child. Practice scenarios they might encounter, such as asking for assistance from flight attendants or navigating through the airport. Emphasizing the importance of staying with the airline’s staff at all times will reinforce safety measures.

Discussing the feelings about the trip is vital. Acknowledge any fears or anxieties they may have and reassure them. Emphasize that it’s okay to feel nervous, but remind them of the exciting aspects and the adventure of flying alone. Share stories of other children who have had positive experiences flying solo, possibly finding examples from Emirates’ testimonials or forums focused on family travel.

Finally, ensure your child knows how to use their travel documents and the communication devices they’ll carry. Teach them how to contact you or Emirates staff in case they have any questions or concerns during their journey. With the right preparation, your child’s solo flight with Emirates Airlines can be a positive milestone towards independence.

Arriving at the Airport

Arriving at the airport well before your child’s flight with Emirates Airlines is crucial to ensure a seamless process. Aim to be there at least 3 hours before an international flight. This extra time is invaluable as it allows for any unexpected delays and provides the opportunity to calmly navigate through check-in and security.

Upon arrival, head straight to the Emirates check-in desk. Here, you’ll notify the staff that your child will be flying as an unaccompanied minor. The airline’s personnel are trained to take special care of unaccompanied minors, ensuring they board the plane safely and are comfortable throughout the flight. Remember to carry all necessary documentation, including your child’s passport, visa (if required), and a copy of the unaccompanied minor form that needs to be filled out. This documentation is vital for a hassle-free process.

After the check-in process, you’ll accompany your child to the security checkpoint. It’s a good moment to remind them of the security protocols, such as what they can carry on board and the importance of listening to the instructions given by airport and airline staff. Emphasizing these procedures can help minimize any nervousness your child might have.

Before saying goodbye, make sure to explain the boarding process. Reassuring your child that Emirates staff will be with them every step of the way, from the gate to their seat, can help instill a sense of confidence. Also, ensure your child knows where their travel documents are at all times and that they should remain with the airline staff until they are safely aboard the plane.

Make the parting brief but reassuring. A confident goodbye can make all the difference in how your child perceives the upcoming journey. Trust in the training and professionalism of Emirates Airlines’ staff to take over from here, making your child’s solo flight a safe and enjoyable experience.


Preparing your child for their solo adventure with Emirates Airlines is a journey in itself. By understanding the airline’s policies, booking the right flights, and packing essentials, you’re setting the stage for a seamless process. Remember, it’s not just about the logistics; it’s also about preparing your child mentally and emotionally for the trip. Instilling confidence, addressing any fears, and ensuring they’re comfortable with the travel process are key steps in this preparation. By following the advice shared, you’re not just ensuring a safe and comfortable flight for your child but also fostering their independence and sense of adventure. So take a deep breath, trust in the preparations you’ve made, and get ready to wave goodbye as your child embarks on an unforgettable journey with Emirates Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age does a child qualify as an unaccompanied minor with Emirates Airlines?

For Emirates Airlines, the unaccompanied minor service is available for children aged between 5 to 11 years traveling without an adult. Those aged 12 to 15 can also use this service upon request.

Can I book a flight for an unaccompanied minor online with Emirates?

No, online booking is not available for unaccompanied minor travel with Emirates Airlines. You must contact Emirates directly to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor.

Why is it recommended to choose direct flights for unaccompanied minors?

Choosing direct flights reduces the risk of layovers and missed connections, ensuring a smoother and less stressful journey for the child.

How early should I book a flight for an unaccompanied minor?

It’s advisable to book as early as possible. Early booking allows for the selection of the best seats and prices, and ensures any special requirements for the child can be accommodated.

What special requirements should I inform Emirates Airlines about?

Inform Emirates Airlines about any dietary restrictions, medical needs, or other special requirements to ensure they are prepared to accommodate the child’s needs during the flight.

What essential items should be packed for a child’s solo journey with Emirates?

Pack clothing, toiletries, comfortable footwear, travel documents, snacks, entertainment, and health and safety items. Ensure everything the child may need is readily accessible.

How can I prepare my child mentally for their solo journey?

Discuss the trip in advance, create a simple itinerary, role-play different scenarios, acknowledge and reassure any fears, and teach them how to use travel documents and communication devices.

What is the process for arriving at the airport with an unaccompanied minor?

Arrive early, check in at the Emirates desk, guide the child through security, explain the boarding process, and say goodbye in a brief but reassuring manner.

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